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Turning Over The New Leaf...

Hello! Welcome to !

I know that's right! I have to get used to saying it too! God is soooo GOOD!! Many things can be said about what has been transpiring the first quarter of this year, in all, one thing remains the same. GOD IS GOOD. (I thank you Father).

Here is a personal warm welcome to my website! Here is where you'll find, prayerfully the presence of God. You'll be able to locate my books and booking information, as well as my music and words (this blog). Thank you so much for visiting my website and I pray this is not your last time!

As I not only celebrate my birthday (July 12th), I welcome in the new that's attached with it! I decree and declare, that as I prophetically turn over a new leaf in the natural (my birthday, my first book and now website), that you, even as you read this, experience a new leaf turning however the Lord sees fit for your life -- that you would see the manifestation and favor of God upon your life continually as you remain obedient to His calling and instruction. You're right where God needs you to be -- remain in Him and He will remain in you (John 15:4) and you will bear much fruit. That is a promise!

I love you all! Thank you for reading!

Enjoy exploring

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